Property Donation

The Blight Authority of Memphis (BAM) is currently seeking blighted single-family residential properties for our Blight Elimination Program (BEP). Under this program BAM can acquire properties, remove any existing blighted structures, then maintain and hold the property for productive reuse. Potential properties must be vacant and without utilities for a minimum of 90 days and be in blighted condition.

Properties may be donated or BAM may choose to purchase the property, pay back taxes, fees, penalties and other costs associated with property acquisition. The most important criteria is that the owner be able and willing to convey a clear title to the Blight Authority of Memphis.

For organizations that are actively involved in community development, BAM also offers a Partnership Program where BAM can hold single-family residential properties (land bank) on behalf your organization offering significant real estate tax savings.

If you own or know of properties that have potential for the BAM Blight Elimination Program. Please complete the application form or contact the Blight Authority at

BAM Property Donation Form